The United States of America says it is ready to support the Zambian government in its quest of developing the country. US Ambassador to Zambia, Michael Gonzales, says his government is impressed with several decisions President Hakainde Hichilema has made since ascending to the Presidency in 2021. The US Ambassador was speaking when he together with Millennium Challenge Corporation Country Director, Steven Marma, paid a courtesy call on Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister, Eng. Charles Milupi in Lusaka today.The American envoy added that the US government stands ready to support the New dawn government achieve its development agenda for the country because it is inspired by the various positive decisions made so far. Mr. Gonzales said the US government is particularly happy with the quick steps President Hichilema’s government has taken to promote transparency by supporting media Freedoms among others.“We are cognizant of the positive steps taken to promote transparency in the country such as the revision of the Access to Information Bill and the Public Order Act together with the move to make the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) more accountable.” Mr. Gonzales said. He added that these steps and many others taken since President Hichilema came into power have inspired the US government to support Zambia in many areas of national development. Mr. Gonzales said this is why his government will be pumping more money into the Millennium Challenge Corporation to go towards improving the road sector, especially in rural areas. And Hon. Milupi said the government is encouraged by the support and assurance of support received from the US government. He said the government of President Hichilema has, since coming into power, taken deliberate steps to restore the rule of law which has seen people enjoy their freedoms. The Minister said the New dawn government is democratically elected and is strengthening democratic principles by ensuring freedom of expression and association. “Government is in a hurry to better this country and has since coming into power removed from the statute of books the death penalty and the crime of defamation of the President, as it was abused by some people who carelessly issued defamatory statements so that they are arrested for political mileage.”. Hon. Milupi said. Eng. Milupi said his Ministry looks forward to the implementation of infrastructure projects to be supported by the Millennium Challenge Corporation. The Minister said he is aware that part of the support will go towards improving road connectivity, especially in rural areas.

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