Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development Minister Hon. Eng. Charles Milupi has said that Zambia and Zimbabwe should use their long-standing diplomatic ties to collaborate in the area of infrastructure development. Eng. Milupi says the two countries have enjoyed long-standing diplomatic ties which date back to pre-independence time. Speaking when Zimbabwean Ambassador to Zambia, Charity Charamba, called on him at his office in Lusaka, Eng. Milupi said the mutual relations between Zambia and Zimbabwe should be enhanced by exploring other areas of collaboration such as the development of public infrastructure. “Zambia is linked to Zimbabwe at Chirundu, Siavonga and at the Victoria Falls. We are also connected through the joint Hydro-power generation at the Kariba dam.” Eng. Milupi said. The Minister said this clearly shows that the two countries enjoy close bilateral relations. And Ambassador Charamba said her country values the warm bilateral relations that exist with Zambia. She said two countries which are referred to as the Siamese twins are not only connected by the Zambezi River but are working together through joint projects such as the Kariba dam, Ms. Charamba said there is a need for the two countries to further jointly work together and find other solutions to the issues of electricity generation. MIHUD/PR



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