I have seen a video of a press conference, in which Lumezi Independent Member of Parliament, Hon. Munir Zulu, in the company of Chilubi PF Member of Parliament, Hon. Mulenga Fube, is making very serious falsehoods against my person, bordering on corruption relating to the execution of my ministerial duties.
Hon. Zulu has made three allegations against me. He has alleged as follows:
1. That in my capacity as Minister of Infrastructure, Housing and Urban Development, received a bank transfer of US$250,000.00 from a company he has not mentioned;
2. That I am appearing at the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) for the past two weeks and;
3. That the Road Development Agency (RDA) Board of Directors Chairperson Eng. Mulchand Kuntawala, again by Bank transfer, paid me US$150,000.00 two days before his appointment.
I must categorically state that these are false and baseless allegations and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.
From a collective point of view, the New Dawn administration will continue on its agenda to upgrade our core road network using the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model of financing.
No amount of political slander will distract us from this objective, which we are now collectively actualizing in a highly transparent and accountable manner.
Now, therefore, for peddling these politically-inspired falsehoods against me, and by further directing a personal attack at me using the African Parliamentary Network Against Corruption (APNAC) as a guise, Hon. Munir Zulu will have to prove all those allegations against me in the courts of law.
For this reason, I am therefore putting up a team of lawyers so that Hon. Zulu and everyone supporting these allegations can answer in the courts of law.
Let me also state here that I am not above reproach as Charles Milupi, If I have committed any wrongdoing in the execution of my public mandate, I am ready and should be liable to face the consequences.
Hon. Eng. Charles Milupi

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